What Is Digital Citizenship? 

For Harmony, Hope & Healing, introducing digital citizenship as part of our curriculum and professional development ensures participants and partner sites have what they need in order to connect to virtual programming. Of the nine aspects of digital citizenship, our curriculum specifically focuses on incorporating digital literacy, etiquette, and health/wellness into every class in order to help our facilitators be better virtual teachers, and to give our participants a full class experience, even over a computer screen.

We accompany individuals on their journey to find their voice. A growing aspect of using our voices in the most powerful way possible is to share our stories effectively. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of reaching all parts of our community, including our online avenues. Learning how to use technology and locate information in digital spaces is a great start, but our team is interested in the step beyond: taking what we’ve learned and educating our community.


Since COVID-19 has affected our programming, our staff has moved to developing in-house training on this topic for facilitators and volunteers in order to move all of our classes to a virtual space. Quickly, we realized that staff at our partner sites may also have a need for digital literacy training. In the interest of practicing digital citizenship, we want to expand our training and education efforts to as many people and organizations as possible. Our community is stronger together in all instances, and we are all made better by sharing these skills.

What We Offer

In-network workshops: We have been offering training workshops to our facilitators and staff throughout the fall, and beginning in 2021, our staff will offer them to all of our partner sites participating in virtual programming. In January, we will reach as many as 6 partner sites for training on tools that Harmony, Hope & Healing use for virtual facilitation.


The short clip below is an example of what these literacy trainings look like, courtesy of our Harmony, Hope & Healing facilitators.

Digital Resources 

Below, you’ll find a list of quick links to resources we recommend for learning about the concept of digital literacy and digital citizenship.

What Is Digital Literacy?
Digital Citizenship
Allied Against Inequality: Digital Inclusion 

How can I get involved?

Digital volunteers: Learn more about volunteer descriptions here! 

Marcia Berry Technology Fund

​Marcia Berry is the lead facilitator of our senior programming, and this fund is a reminder to us that we are all stronger when everyone is able to use their voice, especially our communities that are traditionally isolated. Join us in honoring one of our favorite facilitators, and in ensuring everyone has the equipment they need to reach their community in the digital age!