Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
Harmony, Hope & Healing creates a safe environment where vulnerable individuals and families heal and rebuild through the restorative power of music
Our Vision
We believe music is a powerful pathway for healing. Creating transformation through music is the vision we strive to share with the individuals and communities we serve. 
Our Values
Our values are: 

Recognize and admire each person and relate to them in a way that honors their individual being and worth.



Anger and violence are replaced by the ability to resolve conflict peacefully. By understanding traumatic histories, we ensure that our environments are safe and supportive. At the core of this is being fully present and consistent in all that we do.


Reach out to involve, leverage, strengthen and partner with both the individuals and the agencies which are supporting them.


Through the restorative power of music, participants discover their authentic voice and are able to advocate for themselves and their children.


Create an inclusive community where isolation is supplanted by a sense of belonging and living in right relationships.