"HHH has always been there for me." - Louis Tate reflects

We’re gathering stories from all who have been touched by our programs, performances and our work over the past 15 years.

Louis Tate has been a program assistant and ensemble member for over 10 years. He is a veteran, a grandfather, and a wonderful baritone. He also loves to tell stories!

Click the microphone to listen to one! 

“HHH is good for me." says Louis. "We are one big family. We are there for each other. There are times when I have had to ‘step up to the plate’ for the team and I did. I am always learning. I learned that you have to be careful how you speak and to respect others. It’s important to live day by day and to stay focused and not go into the negative space. I realized that it’s important to give back but that you can only do so much for people.” 

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