A Volunteer's Reflections: Linda Miller on the early days

We’re gathering stories from all who have been touched by our programs, performances and our work over the past 15 years.

Linda Miller is a dear friend of Marge Nykaza and a longtime advocate and supporter of Harmony, Hope & Healing.

Click the microphone to listen to Linda speak about healing.

"I met Marge 17 years ago, before Harmony, Hope & Healing was formed. I was the Program Administrator for Marah’s, a 30 bed, 2 year transitional housing program for single women. This was one of Deborah’s Place’s programs.

Marge went to the Administrative offices of Deborah’s Place to see if they would apply for a grant that she knew of to create a music program for the women we served.She was told no, that Deborah’s Place didn’t want a music program. But I did want a choir at Marah’s, the site where I was working. Fortunately, the director of our learning center knew I did and she intervened so I could have a choir!

I remember my first meeting with Marge, when we were trying to figure out the best way to start. I always had great ideas to engage the residents but getting them to buy into this was not always easy. There was already a meeting every Monday morning so Marge and I decided this would be the best time since the women were already gathered. And it worked! The music classes became a part of the regular programming at Marah’s House and it proved to be a beautiful community building experience for the women.

Women from Marah's House and St. Martin's singing at Rockefeller Chapel

I loved the Mondays that Marge came to Marah’s. I’m usually a pretty upbeat person, but on the Mondays that I wasn’t, spending an hour with Marge and the residents singing always put me in a better mood. Now I just have to listen to one of the CD’s to help change my moods.I feel that the days the Marge and Harmony, Hope & Healing were at Marah’s, everyone felt better and the women felt closer to each other. Our community was happier. I know I sure was!

I’m so glad Harmony, Hope & Healing’s work is continuing 15 years later."

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