Christmas Shopping with the Choir

For the second year in a row, choir members took a joyous shopping trip to find presents for the children in their lives (sons, daughters, grandchildren and nieces & nephews). This year, 11 choir members bought gifts for 39 children!

"Giving a helping hand to our choir members as they picked gifts for the children in their families brought me exceptional joy. We buzzed our way through the aisles of Target laughing, and singing, crying with gratitude as we assisted one another in finding presents." said Amanda Longe-Asque, program manager.

This trip was provided by the generous support of Kelly and Michael Legamaro and their godchildren. A few years ago, Kelly noticed that her godchildren had everything they needed as far as gifts, and physical presents. For the last two years, the Legamaros have helped our choir members buy gifts for their kids as a way of spreading around the joy. Kelly makes a collage of photos for their Godchildren, so that they can see and better understand the joy of giving.

We are truly grateful to have friends like the Legamaros! Thank you!

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