Congratulations to Marge Nykaza & thanks to Health & Medicine Group

We received some good news in August: Health and Medicine Policy Research Group, a nonprofit that works to improve the health of all people in Illinois by promoting health equity, shared with Executive Director Marge Nykaza that her work with Harmony, Hope & Healing will be recognized with a Health Award in October. (photo by Jaclyn Simpson courtesy Lyric Opera's Chicago Voices)

“As we get ready to celebrate our 15th anniversary as a nonprofit in 2018, I’m proud to receive this recognition that our work lies right at the intersection of health and music,” Marge said.

“This is an honor not so much for me as for our vision that music brings joy and insight, important resources for families and adults on their journey to recovery from homelessness, addiction, violence and other trauma.”

The Health Awards go to individuals and organizations who exemplify Health & Medicine’s mission to promote social justice and challenge inequities in health and health care. 

Award Recognizes Vision & Diversity

In addition to recognizing Harmony, Hope & Healing’s vision to work at the intersection of music and healing, the Health Award goes to leaders who support diversity.

Harmony, Hope & Healing’s work to hire program assistants who are alumni of its programs was recognized as a valuable “hiring from within” and promoting people from the community it serves: “By seeking out opportunities for the Harmony, Hope & Healing Ensemble to perform and share their stories with the public, Nykaza is helping to provide vital pathways for those who have been affected by violence or faced systemic barriers to opportunity in our region communicate and share their stories,” the nomination for the award noted.

​​The award will be presented October 13 at Health and Medicine Policy Research Group’s Awards Gala. Past winners include Leticia Boughton and Chicago Community Health Workers Local Network, Chicago Women’s Health Center, and Amy Zimmerman of Erikson Institute, who directs the Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children. More information about the award and Health & Medicine Policy Research Group is available at​​

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