Drum circle inspires at DuPage PADS

Board President Sandy Kraimer joined Tina and Sophie at a class at DuPage PADS (pictured, right) in early March; she offers some highlights from her visit here.

"I wanted to share my experience at the DuPage PADS site in early March. HHH has been providing adult music meditation at the organization’s center in Wheaton twice a month since 2016. DuPage PADS is the largest provider of interim and permanent housing coupled with support services to help individuals work toward a place to call home.

The group that day consisted of about 12 participants. The circle here was diverse, encompassing a range in age and mix of men and women, with one child in attendance.

One man was kind of shy at first - he wasn't rocking out like some of us were but smiled with a bit of a red face. Despite that, he stayed in the circle and loosened up a bit as time went on.

The man next to him was maybe in his 20s and his face LIT UP when he was asked to lead an activity with the drums. I can't describe it, but I could tell he was not completely confident about being the center of the circle. He smiled though, and seemed even a bit proud of his skills at directing us to play those drums louder and softer. The little boy enjoyed the drums and was proud to lead us in a drum activity as well.

I loved the music selections, and they inspired good conversation. People responded to Tina, Sophie and Dave's questions with thoughtful open answers. The motivational thought for the day also sparked many to respond with words that resonated with them and how they hoped it would help them to go about their day.

With the transitory nature of people finding shelter at PADS, the circle served as a good grounding activity where participants could share a bit of fellowship, along with being able to look into their own hearts for hope and healing.

Personally, I rocked out, I wasn't shy--I did sing the Cat Stevens song we sang together for the rest of the day…"

- Sandy Kraimer

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