Giving Tuesday Facebook Fundraisers!

This Giving Tuesday, we’re inviting all our friends to tell their friends about Harmony, Hope & Healing by creating a Facebook fundraiser. Creating a “peer-to-peer” Facebook fundraiser is easy, and it's a great way to let your friends and family know what's important to you!

1. Click Here to create a fundraiser.

2. Click on “Support a Nonprofit” and select Harmony, Hope & Healing. (If HHH doesn’t come up, make sure you like our page.)

3. Choose a fundraising goal: whether it’s $50 or $500, every donation helps!

4. Tell your story: Write a short message about why Harmony, Hope & Healing’s work is important to you.

5. Give updates: as you get closer to your goal, be sure to send updates to your network.

Template: (Copy, paste & fill in the blanks!)

Post #1 -

This year, for Giving Tuesday I’m fundraising for Harmony, Hope & Healing. I've chosen this nonprofit because its mission means a lot me. (Write a short sentence about why it means a lot you... For example: Music has helped me through a difficult time and I want to help give that gift to others.)

I've included information about Harmony, Hope & Healing below.

Will you help me reach my goal? Thanks, friends!


Harmony, Hope & Healing supports and accompanies individuals and families on their journey towards increased physical, mental and social well-being. The music-based curriculum used in on-site music and choir programs helps participants Iearn self- management, emotional literacy, self- advocacy and community building skills.

Harmony, Hope & Healing's concerts, performance events and workshops raise public awareness of the complex issues of homelessness, incarceration, addictions and trauma.

Post #2 -

Thanks for your support! I’m $____ away from my goal. Will you help me get there?

This year, for Giving Tuesday I’m fundraising for Harmony, Hope & Healing, an inspiring non-profit organization in Chicago. They need our help to fund their uplifting music programs in shelters, recovery centers, community centers and Cook County Jail.

Help me support their work this Giving Tuesday! See what your gift can do:

$15 - Supplies for an instrument making project

$30 - CTA passes to help singers get to rehearsals and performances

$50 - A new drum for our children’s classes

$100 - A new speaker for our growing programs at Cook County Jail

$150 - Sponsor a workshop for a community partner

$250 - Sponsor a music class at a shelter, recovery center or Cook County Jail

$500 - A pair of new microphones for choir rehearsal and performances

$1000 - Sponsor an internship to train music facilitators & soloists

$10,000 - Sponsor a new choir program

Thank you for your support!

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