Grant from the Mockingbird Foundation

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

We are excited to announce that the Mockingbird Foundation has awarded Harmony, Hope & Healing a $10,000 grant for our children's music program.

This grant will enable Harmony, Hope & Healing to expand the services we offer to children living in shelters around the city. We will be able to hire another professional music teacher and train several program assistants to co-facilitate classes. Our program assistants are alumni from our partner sites who partake in a 10-week paid internship to develop professional skills such as leadership, public speaking, communication and collaboration. Their presence in class, sharing their experience, knowledge and strength with participants, is integral to the work of Harmony, Hope & Healing. This grant will enable our children's program to grow sustainably and successfully.

The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc. is an all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in 1996 by fans of the band Phish to raise money for music education for children. They have no salaries, paid staff, office space, or endowment — thus distributing all possible funds to charity. The Foundation’s primary purpose is charitable, out of love for and thanks to Phish for their inspiring music, and has now distributed more than $1.2M to more than 380 grantees covering all 50 states. We are honored to be among 14 other organizations in this year’s cycle. You can read the press release here.

We are incredibly honored to be among 14 other organizations selected for this year’s grant cycle. This award affirms the importance of the work we do and the power of music to bring harmony, hope and healing into people’s lives.

With the support of our donors and funders, Harmony, Hope & Healing currently provides children’s programming at Margaret’s Village, the Primo Center for Women and Children, Chicago HOPES for Kids and Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. We look forward to sharing our youngest (and wisest) participant’s stories and songs with you. Thank you for helping us bring a little Harmony, Hope & Healing to the lives of kids who need it most.

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