Harmony, Hope & Healing starts at The Primo Center in January

All of us at Harmony, Hope & Healing are eagerly awaiting the New Year when we will bring the joy and ​​healing power of music to the Primo Center for Women and Children.

Located in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood on the West Side, the Primo Center provides temporary and permanent housing, mental health services, early childhood services, violence prevention programs and integrated health care to homeless women and their children.

HHH is excited about this new collaboration as both groups work to empower individuals and families to become independent, productive and healthy members of society breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

We will host a weekly parent/child class which is designed to help families enjoy spending time together as they strive to transition out of homelessness. The classes focus on strengthening the parent/child bond, improving parenting skills, reducing stress and isolation, positively impacting the development of language, social, emotional and cognitive skills and exposing participants to a variety of genres of music.

Stay tuned in to HHH in the New Year to witness our progress at the Primo Center and all of our program sites.

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