Kids Write Songs with Donated Drums

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Thanks to the generosity of a board member and his family plus an assist from Vic’s Drum Shop, Harmony, Hope & Healing has a new 9-piece drum set for kids and adults to play at our music classes.

Board Vice President Ed D’Onofrio’s family has a wonderful Christmas tradition of inviting members of a local nonprofit organization to join them at their annual holiday party to share an organizational need. The whole family then pools their resources, with each family member chipping in what they can. Last January it was our turn, and Harmony, Hope & Healing received more than $1,000 in support from Ed and his relatives. Thank you, D’Onofrios!

We knew we wanted to invest in new instruments to start a new project to help children use songwriting to boost their social-emotional learning skills. We’re working with children ages 8 to 15 at Believe Shelter on the Southeast Side. We also work with children ages 5 to 10 (kindergarten through fifth grade) at Primo Center for Women & Children and Su Casa Catholic Worker, both in Englewood, in partnership with Chicago HOPES for Kids literacy and tutoring program.

Thanks to the support we received and a discount on drums from Vic’s Drum Shop, we were able to purchase nine Remo drums that fill the room with sound. They also stack for easy transport from one music class to another, which is important to our staff, who move between 14 different sites! The drums are used in classes with adults as well as children -- so it’s fair to say that we got a lot of bang for our buck!

After purchasing the drums, funds still remained to buy several books on songwriting for children that the youth we work with are using as they write their own songs. Some of the children at the Primo Center have already started work on their first song. It’s based loosely on the folk song Little Brown Dog. So far it’s about a Little Lion who goes swimming in the ocean and makes chocolate cake for whales and fishes!

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