'Reminiscent of The Beatles'

This week saw HHH begin a new adult music meditation class once a week at Above and Beyond. The licensed Level I and Level II outpatient addiction treatment facility is located on the Near West Side.

Its focus is on serving the disenfranchised with a long history of unemployment and substance abuse impacting both the family and the community at large.

You can watch a recent short video about Above and Beyond, by a Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism student, here.

As a day treatment center, Above and Beyond offers many courses and resources to help those it serves rebuild their lives, families and communities. Their director, Dan Hostettler, recently shared a note with us detailing how they portray HHH in their program descriptions:

As a collaboration between Above and Beyond and… Harmony, Hope & Healing we offer transformation through music….

It has been an instant hit reminiscent of the Beatles "British Invasion" and has shot up the charts to become a Number One Hit with our clients.

Already, it is one of their favorite groups and the participants give full, exuberant participation as they temporarily leave the stress of their addictions and life problems by pounding on drums, working tambourines, singing their hearts out in loving but questionable harmony with each other, and experimenting with the wide variety of musical instruments which are available to them to express themselves in ways that they cannot through the spoken word.

With Above and Beyond, the Cook County Women’s Division, and more to come, we feel the year is off to a great start!

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