Songs and Stories Inspire at Heart Beat 2018

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

When Rod Dixon sang his  medley “I Dreamed a Dream/The Impossible Dream,” at Heart Beat 2018, attendee Therese Ryan posted on Facebook what many were thinking:  “Goosebumps followed by tears so beautiful!”

The impact of Harmony, Hope & Healing was felt from the very first note of the chimes to the last note of This Little Light of Mine by the HHH Ensemble. The moving performances by Rodrick Dixon and Alfreda Burke and  Dean Rolando’s inspired piano music highlighted the power and beauty music brings to the world. Heart Beat 2018 attendees experienced first hand the emotional impact music has on one’s soul and raised funds to support people on their personal journey to heal from trauma.

“Music has gotten me through the most horrendous times of my life,” stated Angela Hicks, Heart of Harmony, Hope & Healing honoree.  While receiving her award Angela joked that when she was 13, the “most horrendous times” were often when she was washing dishes, and a friend would tell her to turn on the radio to hear a dance tune that would help her get through the stack of dishes.

On a more serious note, Hicks talked about the individuals and families served by her organization, Margaret’s Village--one of Harmony, Hope & Healing’s  fourteen program partners.

“When they come to us, they are at their lowest possible point,” Hicks said. She and her staff work to help shelter residents rebuild their lives and “we do that with Harmony, Hope & Healing standing by our sides as a vital partner in that process,” she added.

“I believe in the work that you do and I believe in the people that we serve,” said Hicks.

Photos from Heart Beat 2018:

photos from Heart Beat 2018 by Pat Wiseman

15 Years Strong

Other noteworthy highlights from the afternoon included Tania Castroverde Moskalenko and the leadership of Auditorium Theatre  who shared how their partnership with Harmony, Hope & Healing fits with their mission as the “People’s Theater.” Lisa Cunningham, certified peer specialist at Cook County Jail, shared her personal story and read letters from several women in jail, that describe the positive impact of HHH’s music programs.

With the theme of “15 Years Strong” the event also featured a look back to the organization’s incorporation in 2003 and traced its history -- from organizing the first board with 7 members to today’s 18 board members and many other milestones in between.  

In all more than 200 people attended the event, and the organization successfully raised more than 10 percent of its budget, which fuels continued growth and ability to reach more individuals and families in need.

Still want a little more? Thanks to several volunteers and board members, we have a few videos from Heart Beat 2018: 

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