Why Giving Tuesday?

The staff at HHH are busy helping people find their voice and sing together.

Behind every class and every performance lies quite a bit of logistics: Curriculum development! Coordination meetings! Evaluation! Rehearsals! Getting instruments! Ordering Lunch!​​

We're blessed to be surrounded by a community that is one of the most supportive and loving any nonprofit could ask for. We also believe in Giving Tuesday as a day to remind everyone how important it is to support the community (read here if you're interested in the story of how the 92ndStreet Y in New York started Giving Tuesday). And, this year we are part of #ILGive helping to spotlight the work of groups all across the state.

Just as HHH works for the good of the people we serve, a part of our work is also about reminding everyone we touch how important it is for each of us to give something back in whatever ways we can, to support their community.

We appreciate whatever way you choose to mark the day -- donating or telling those you know about Harmony, Hope & Healing, and asking them to contribute, supporting one of our partners or another worthy cause, or just through an act of kindness to someone struggling with trauma in your own life.

That’s not just good for the community, it helps each of us as individuals, too. Thank you. Learn more, donate, and spread the word by visiting our Giving Tuesday page.

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