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Emotional distress Admitting defeat looked to god for guidance with the upmost urgency I moved out the way and allowed god to come in and guide me srongly believing that god will love me when no one else does!!!Im done hiding my pain not holding anything back a complete release of all things hindering me from greatness

Admitting i've broke some hearts stolen peace didnt attempt to control my impulses did whatever was necessary to fufill my own urges I TRULY FEEL REMORSE had to do things a diffrent way despite my discomfort that's what change requires im afraid of change i adapted to doing the wrong thing its easier I put my pride to the side beggeg god for humility and saught help through constant prayer only god could can save me i know now god heard my gut wrenching screams for help and pulled me from what felt like the pitt of hell and i finally seen light in all the darkness and now here i stand dediceated to my RECOVERY,FAMILY,AND MOST OF ALL BEING THE LIGHT IN SOMEONE ELSES DARKNESS!!!!!!

candice nicole