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Looking for some Harmony, Hope & Healing? 

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Online programs are open to everyone.

Virtual Programming Available:

Open Mic Night - Coming Soon! 

Join us as we connect with our community safely and creatively with our HHH Open Mic Night! Time and Date: TBA.

If you do not already have Zoom on your device, you can download it here.  All are welcome! We look forward to joining together in song!


Harmony, Hope & Healing (HHH) supports women, men and children as they heal from traumas associated with homelessness, incarceration, addiction, and isolation. The organization provides on-site music classes and workshops in shelters, residential programs, drug treatment centers, community centers and Cook County Jail. The classes and workshops teach appropriate ways to relieve stress, express emotions and develop positive relationships. Through the music-based curriculum, participants build effective communication skills to advocate for themselves and their families and nurture hope as they move forward in life.

The curriculum focuses on developing 4 key life skills:​


Relieving stress and anxiety

Improving impulse control & self-discipline


Developing and identifying a robust emotional vocabulary

Expressing emotions in a safe and appropriate way


Increasing confidence to be able to self- advocate

Building effective communication skills


Building and supporting healthy relationships & family bonding

Identifying and solving problems cooperatively

Adult Programming

Adult music classes include discussion of songs and readings, group singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments. Classes focuses on developing and practicing key life skills to support personal growth and community responsibility.

Family Programming

Family music classes include singing, breathing, movement and playing percussion instruments. Music classes foster communication skills, improve parent practices, and create a valuable opportunity for family bonding. The activities help children ages 0-5 to develop cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Children & Teens Programming

Children’s music classes include singing, breathing, dancing, playing percussion instruments and songwriting. The activities help children in age groups 6-11 and 12-17 years of age encourage healthy development of social and emotional skills such as self-management, communication and conflict resolution, supporting success at school and at home.


HHH is a therapeutic music program and not a music therapy service.

Harmony, Hope & Healing  music classes-

  • Occur in non-clinical settings within the community.

  • Require no diagnosis or intake process.

  • Are led by trained musicians and peer facilitators, and not therapists.

  • Work in conjunction with social service agencies and various modalities.

"Thank you for bringing harmony to Cook County."

- Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia, Former Executive Director,
Cook County Department Of Corrections