Youth: Below, you'll find a visualization of how Harmony, Hope & Healing's curriculum connects the Social-Emotional Learning Standards that the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) have laid out. This infographic was created using the most recent version of the model from 2020. 

HHH Children's Infographic_final.png

To the right, you'll see a pie chart with the amount of individuals served by Harmony,  Hope & Healing in 2019, divided by Issue Area.


These include:

  • Recovery Programs (29%)

  • Re-entry Programs (25%)

  • Homelessness (43%)

  • Community Outreach (3%)

  • At-Risk Adolescents (<1%) 

It is worth noting that there is serious overlap between issue areas-- many of our sites address multiple issues, as well as serve multiple demographics (for example, some of our youth are counted towards Homelessness, because our programming is available to them through a shelter). 

If you'd like to view the HHH 2019 Impact Report in full, it is available here. 

Number of Participants by Issue Area (20

Chosen One-Pagers: Link to the document