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Harmony, Hope & Healing provides group music wellness classes and private music wellness lessons for adults and families at 13 partner agencies throughout the Chicago area. Through the curriculum, participants learn appropriate ways to relieve stress, express emotions and develop positive relationships, as well as important communication skills to create support networks and build resiliency.  Our music curriculum is informed by the best practices of trauma informed care, music education, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) model and social emotional learning theory (SEL).

The Social Emotional Learning standards put forth by CASEL is the model we base all of our youth and children's programming on. Click the link above for a breakdown of how it works!

This is the psychological model we use for all of our adult programming, particularly in our recover and re-entry programming. Click the link for more information on how we integrate this into our classes.

Healing begins with the circle. This model of class facilitation is what our own facilitator training is based on, through our partnership with Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation here in Chicago. Click the link above to learn more about the model.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences model from CDC-Kaiser provides a guide on where and how our interventions will be most effective. Click the link above to see how we use this knowledge in adult classes.

Trauma-Informed Care

All of our programming is based on models that center trauma-informed care, and we offer professional development opportunities to staff that strive to address the intersections of social identities and trauma for our populations.

Are you an HHH community member looking for resources and support? Click here for our list!

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Help us bring music to our community!

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