Workshops for Current and Potential Community/Program Partners

Harmony, Hope & Healing recognizes the importance of introducing potential & current partner site staff and clients to the methodology and benefits of the music classes. For this reason, workshops are made available to partner agencies and organizations. The workshops teach appropriate ways to relieve stress, express emotions and develop positive relationships. Through the music-based curriculum, participants build effective communication skills to advocate for themselves and their families, and nurture hope as they move forward in life.


Workshops for Corporate and Community Organizations


Hire Harmony, Hope and Healing to present a workshop at your office, community group, organization or church!


The workshops provide participants with hands-on opportunities to learn team building skills and appropriate ways to relieve stress.



  • Learn how music can help support your well-being

  • Gain skills to establish and maintain your balance in your everyday life

  • Practice mindful breathing and humming exercises

  • Release stress and tension through drumming

  • Connect with coworkers and friends!

Get a Workshop, Give a Workshop

With every workshop you purchase Harmony, Hope & Healing will provide one for our current and potential program sites. 

To learn more about hiring Harmony, Hope and Healing to present a workshop at your organization, contact Tina Villapando, Director of Programming, at (773)294-0267.

"Music is the universal language of mankind"

 - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow